Welcome to the Saudade Mentorship Program

I am not here to ‘sell you a fish’ I want to teach you how to fish for yourself. This is an empowering mentorship program.
— Dr. Filomena Trindade
  • Are you happy with your current patient outcomes?

  • Do you feel empowered in your position as a health care provider?

  • Are you reaching your highest potential?

  • Can you connect the dots between your patient complaints and the underlying dysfunctions?


For years, I was frustrated because I did not have a roadmap to address my patient's chronic health problems.


I don't want you to have that same frustration. This is why I condensed my 20 years of experience in medicine to bring you quality mentorship.


Here's what its all about:


Applying Cutting Edge Research in Practice

I've found through teaching and my own life experience, that after learning about new treatments didactically it is sometimes difficult to implement them clinically. You can have all the scientific knowledge and it can even make sense to you on an academic and professional level, but it takes a whole new degree of self-assurance and self-confidence to actually implement them clinically. Sometimes it can even feel “risky” to start putting your knowledge into practice with your patients. 

We have a gap between researchers and clinicians. Clinicians are waiting for the researchers to tell them what to do, and the researchers think that they need to do more research. I consider myself to be the bridge.  There is typically a 25-50  year gap between the time when a scientific discovery is made and when that finding is actually implemented into clinical practice. I consider it my job is to synthesize the latest research findings and decide if there is adequate scientific information to apply them clinically.  Effective treatment is not about reinventing the wheel with each new patient or condition, however.  It’s about is connecting the dots between what has previously been tried and what has been newly proven.

Personalizing Medicine

You might have heard how important it is to personalize your medical treatment but you were never told HOW.  The ‘how’ depends on individual.  This is personalized medicine. There are common guidelines you can follow such as taking a comprehensive history, doing a thorough physical exam, and reviewing laboratory results, however, within that you have to look for the root cause of the problem for that particular person. Ask yourself, “What is the main area that is contributing to the dysfunction?”  That is; “Is it predominately an infection process, a detoxification issue, a nutrient insufficiency, a food sensitivity or allergy, or is it a prescription drug induced problem, a genomics based issue, a hormonal imbalance or a combination thereof?”

Then, after the ‘how,’ you look even deeper. You ask WHY - "Why did they develop that problem in the first place?" You keep asking until you find main reason. Its like onion but with a core. For example, if you look at prominent researcher Alessio Fasano, he explains that in order to develop an autoimmune disease you have to meet three main conditions: 1. genetic predisposition 2. environmental trigger 3. increased permeability in the gut. The next question to ask is ‘why’ – “Why did they develop this permeability?” “Does this person have SIBO, dysbiosis, or another underlying condition?  Sometimes an environmental trigger could be the total cause of a person’s complaint, but other times the it’s not the cause, it’s actually just the trigger. This is how you personalize your medicine. The personalization is in the discovery of the ‘why’ behind the problem. Ask yourself, “What else has lead to where they are right now?” Many people say that the personalize their treatment based just on genetics. This is one way, yes. But, I think you have to go further. The ‘why’ always involves the gene/environment interaction. Considering that, then you're really personalizing to each person.

Connecting the Dots

I think another roadblock clinicians often face is that although they have the history, the physical exam and all the labs, they are still not able to connect the dots between what they've found. How do we put it all together? What is the common thread to the underlying problem? Indeed it can be challenging to identify the common thread which leads to the underlying problem, but that is what makes medicine exciting!

 For example, you might find someone is low on amino acids. Your first instinct may be to replace them, but key point is to ask WHY. Why are they low on amino acids and is that tied to their presenting symptoms, their chief complaints or anything else that you've found? I had a patient once present with recently diagnosed GERD and osteoporosis. The question is how are they related? How do we connect their dots to find the one root cause that can explain both? 

I hope you’ll join me in learning how to connect the dots in your clinical practice. It would be my pleasure to mentor you so that you can make the impact that you’re meant to make! -Dr. T.

"Words cannot express how phenomenal my experience with Dr. Trindade has been.  Regarded as one of the best in the functional medicine business, she has helped shape my clinical practice into a successful, thriving endeavor.  She has decades of experience to share, not only in the clinical aspect, but in the business realm as well.

Changing careers in the medical world was a challenge for me.  Moving from a background in a hospital based practice into an office based practice of Functional Medicine presented bumps in the road that looked like mountains at the time.  Dr. Trindade's expertise and guidance gave me the clinical knowledge and confidence to successfully climb and conquer them.

Her knowledge of Functional Medicine never ceases to amaze me, and my clinical outcomes on those tough cases have been remarkable.  She has always been supportive and goes out of her way to make herself available to help.  Her guidance as a consultant has helped shape me into the successful practitioner I am today.  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dr. Trindade.  Not only has she been my clinical mentor, but she has become my good friend too.

I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Trindade, and welcome anyone to contact me for further discussion."

- Dr. Apostolos Lekkos: bios functional medicine, Santa Monica, CA

How it works...

Our policy:

The first two mentorship session will need to be done over the phone or virtual consult. Subsequent sessions may be done via email. 

During your mentorship session we will:

1. Start with what you know. We will build upon your foundation or re-create a new one.

2. We will incorporate your patient or client's chief complaint - what brought them to you.

3. Together we will develop a treatment program that is best suited and personalized for each unique patient/client.

Is the Saudade Mentorship Right for Me?

  1. If you have already seen a patient but you want direction on how to proceed.

  2. If you are considering seeing a patient in the future and want direction on how to proceed.

  3. If you do not have an existing patient yet would like to discuss a theoretical case or ask questions with an algorithm. *I am happy to work with you in this case, but I might also suggest the Saudade Certification as another route where you can build your skills and get your questions answered.

"I feel very blessed to have Dr Trindade available for mentoring for me. As a new functional/integrative medicine physician, I often find myself with clinical questions the answers to which cannot be found in any book. I have found it invaluable to be able to discuss cases and questions with Dr Trindade. She gives practical advice on how to manage difficult clinical cases from an experienced functional/integrated approach. She is easy to contact and a pleasure to communicate with. I feel like I have a mentor for life! "

-Dr. H

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  4. Make payment for your mentorship appointment via credit card by calling my assistant Mallory at: (831) 462-4441. Fees are listed on the online scheduler.

  5. Submit the necessary information as indicated below 48 hours prior to your mentorship appointment.

  • If you have already seen the patient:

    • Submit all labs and your current treatment plan to info.drtrindade@gmail.com. I will review and offer you feedback.

  • If you have not yet seen the patient yet but know you need direction. We will review what to look for in the history and physical exam and how to obtain the timeline of symptoms.

    • Submit a brief summary of your case to info.drtrindade@gmail.com

  • You do not have an existing patient yet, but we can discuss a theoretical case or question with an algorithm.

    • Submit a brief summary of your theoretical case and questions.


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