May 30th to June 3, 2019

  • This retreat is 5 full days. Please plan on arriving on the afternoon of May 29th and leaving on June 4th or the afternoon of June 3rd. Visit to book your flight.

Advanced training in functional medicine

Come sharpen your functional medicine skills with Dr Trindade on her beautiful island paradise.  Bring your questions, your doubts, your uncertainties and your complex patient case studies to this clarifying retreat. 

Expand your functional medicine knowledge while also experiencing the aromas, flavors, textures, feelings and energies her center and this amazing island has to offer.

Learn how to apply cutting edge science, functional medicine principles and above all the saudade wellness protocol to develop your unique personalized medicine approach to chronic illness.  Bring your difficult cases with timeline, matrix, labs and other studies if available. We  will focus on reviewing important areas of the patient's history, physical exam and applicable studies to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Day Plan: Each day will be divided into 4 parts. You will enjoy:

o   Self-healing and regenerating outings, rituals and cultural activities

o   Didactic learning on specific topics

o   Patient case discussion—bring your challenging cases for us to review utilizing functional Medicine principles and the saudade wellness approach.

o   Nutritious, organic, traditional meals—the best the island has to offer

Typical schedule for the 5 day retreat:

Morning: Begin the day with a movement ritual followed by a nutritious meal from Filomena’s garden and pantry—menu will depend on what is in season and ready for picking

Didactic learning:  a different topic will be covered each day—see below

Lunch: local fish prepared traditionally and with love with many of Filomena's father's recipes (he used to be an avid fisherman and loved to cook fish dishes)

Afternoon: Case study presentation and review

Dinner: traditional meat dishes handed down from Filomena's ancestors and local traditional desserts with a gluten free variation (Sao Jorge is known for its unique "doces" such as "especie" and "filhós"). 

Evening: roundtable discussion or outing

Detailed daily didactic schedule:

  • Day 1: Food as Medicine and deep dive into the Saudade Wellness Approach.

  • Day 2: Applying the Saudade Hormonal Symphony: Insulin and its downstream effects.

  • Day 3: Applying the Saudade Hormonal Symphony: Adrenals/HPA axis and Thyroid and how they affect each other.

  • Day 4: Applying the Saudade Hormonal Symphony: Sex Hormones.

  • Day 5: Applying the Saudade Hormonal Symphony: Estrogen Metabolism and its implications on health.

Highlights from March 2018 retreat...

August 6 - 11, 2019

Create wellness... 

On a lush, sacred island.

Give yourself...

A real opportunity for inner peace and renewal.


Fall in love with life again.

Recharge your energy.

Find inspiration on every corner of

"the last paradise on earth."


The Saudade Wellness Retreat is designed to empower you to take your body, mind and spirit to the optimal level of wellness.  

It is our philosophy that in order to achieve total wellness you must know yourself and the power of possibilities that lies within you. That's why we want to help you:

  • Strengthen the foundation of your life.

  • Nourish the integration of body, mind and spirit in the simple setting of the 'last paradise on earth'

  • Dive into the ocean of your being cradled by the wild beauty of the Azores islands.

Wellness is a result of inner and outer balance. It is experienced when physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health operate in harmony. This retreat offers a safe container for the integration of new information about the self and the development of more efficient ways to regain, cultivate and maintain balance.


The Details...


The Sacred Island of Sao Jorge

This is where I grew up! 

It is a special place in my heart and a sacred sanctuary. Its climate is temperate, and its energy, peaceful and tranquil. It is also the home to crystalline and calm seas, sun bathed beaches, healing natural pools, trails for long walks, lush landscapes and beautiful volcanic rocks.

Eco-tourism / Sustainable living: 

Sao Jorge can be completely autonomous and self-sufficient.  However, this has been challenged since Portugal and the Azores joined the European economic community. Currently there is a drive towards autonomy and self-sufficiency.  Local cooperatives are forming again around organic farming of local fruits and vegetables as well as some of the exportable commodities such as cheese, butter, beef and wine. Furthermore, there is a drive to support the local weavers and local craftsmen.  We will be visiting some of these facilities.


August 6 - 11, 2019

This retreat is 6 full days. 

*You're welcome to stay one more night without charge, depending on flight availability. 

If you are flying from the states, your departing flight from the US to the Azores will need to booked on the 4th of August. This means you arrive in Sao Jorge on the 5th and the retreat begins on the 6th. You may depart from Sao Jorge on the 12th of August in the morning or in the afternoon of the 11th. If you need to leave later or arrive earlier please than these dates contact us as there will be an additional small charge. As a resource, you may visit the Azores airlines website: to help plan your trip. Travel arrangements can also be made through Luisa Sousa at Casto Travel: (408) 553-4712


  • Personalized health assessment using functional medicine principles

  • Detoxification and Natural, healthy cleansing diet

  • Nutritious and organic cuisine produced by sustainable agriculture

  • Consciousness raising daily exercises

  • Guided Meditation

  • Visualization exercises

  • Guided Walking Nature Tours

  • Exposure to the local culture

  • Hiking to cleansing salt and fresh waters

  • Venturing to healing vortices

Our time together will be spent on the exploration and integration of states of being through:  functional medicine assessment tools, movement, writing, drumming, 'pilgrimages' to special energy places on the island that support the day's transformative work, expressive arts, grounding and earthing techniques, rest, nature, healthy, organic and nutritionally dense food. 

Every activity empowers you to access your inner wisdom and trust your natural intuitive gifts. Through the lenses of four elements we will turn our attention to various aspects of the self. This optimizes the inter-connectedness of body, mind and spirit and helps you become more proactive about the way you live.

The foundation to Filomenaʼs approach rests on tending to the physical and the psychological in order to nurture and promote further spiritual growth while honoring and empowering each individualʼs unique nature.

Your retreat package includes:

  • Housing

  • Meals and snacks

  • Ground transportation once arrived

  • Retreat tuition and materials

We will begin each morning at the retreat center and then venture out to explore our theme in different areas of this enchanted island. 

You will have a guided tour of a special place in the Saudade Retreat Center or on the São Jorge island where you will: smell, touch, hear, see and taste the aromatic herbs, plants, and spices available in Filomena's garden.   

Learn how to  make cheese with Marisa

Highlights from the 2017 Retreat:

Participants visited sacred, vortex and cultural sites, swam in the clear waters, learned from locals about organic farming and the power of the volcanic rocks, as well as personal development tools including how to find their essence and be more in touch with their higher selves.

Making cheese with Marisa:

Participants learned the age old traditional way of making homemade Cheese-Manadas style with Marisa. This is a type of fresh cheese very common in São Jorge. We use organic milk of a Jersey cow. The cow is open pastured and hand milked by Marisa's dad-António Henrique.




A Traditional Azorian Ocean and Mountain View Home

The entrance to our retreat home

The entrance to our retreat home

Relax in our completely renovated, 100 year old traditional stone home with old world charm and modern flare.

We'll overlook the Atlantic ocean, volcanic mountains and neighboring islands.


We will dine together on a beautiful outdoor stone patio. We'll relax on hammocks listening to the sounds of nature and restoring our spirits. 

We will greet the day with our morning ritual next to the waterfall in our home, looking out to the ocean.  

A part of the quarters of our home is an organic field of corn and sweet potato crop. Next to that we come upon a sacred, ancient circular meeting place. This area is where indigenous populations of the Sao Jorge would chaff their crops, meet, sing and dance. 


I highly recommend that you check out one the following books before our retreat.

  • There is Nothing Wrong With You: Going beyond Self-Hate by Cheri Huber

  • Embracing Ourselves by Hall & Sidra Stone

  • The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto


Your retreat package includes:

  • 3 meals per day and snacks

  • Lodging

  • Ground transportation (including to and from the airport)

  • Program Tuition

    • Saudade's Total Wellness Retreat Investment is $2,500.00

    • To reserve your space, payment is due by June 30th, 2019



If you are all ready to register please fill out and submit the liability release form below. Your information will be kept private.

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THIS IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT. THE SELECTION OF YOUR ANSWER INDICATES YOUR FORMAL AGREEMENT AND IS CONSIDERED AS A SIGNATURE. I declare to assume all financial and otherwise responsibility for any accident, injury, damage or illness I may incur while residing at Saudade or while visiting island locations, in regard to any movement or action such as i.e. swimming, dancing, etc.; and any expense I may incur if I need to be repatriated. I release therefore Saudade and Dr. Filomena Trindade from all and any responsibility, financial, legal or otherwise in the occurrence of any of the above. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Saudade and Dr. Trindade from any damages, losses or claims resulting from or relating to my stay.

If you are interested in joining us and would like to learn more, please email: We will answer any of your inquires and send you more information. Hope to see you there!!